Power Control System Maintenance Checklist

Inspection Checks
1. Clean switchgear cabinets interior thoroughly.
2. Check all control wiring terminations and recommend repair as needed.
3. Clean and inspect and verify proper torque settings on bus detail and feeder cable terminations. (Generators
must be locked out to perform this procedure).
4. Visually inspect for moisture or signs of previous wetness or dripping.
5. Remove dirt and grime with an approved cleaner/solvents where it is safe to do so.
6. Manually parallel each generator.
7. Verify all meters for accuracy.
8. Verify all indications lights and alarms operate properly.
9. Verify all circuit breakers function properly. (Open, Close, etc.)
10. Document all trip settings of circuit breakers.
11. Perform secondary circuit breaker injection testing (if applicable).
12. Verify all fused disconnect switches operate (if applicable).
13. Verify all backup PLC power supplies are operating correctly (if applicable).
14. Check PLC fault tables and clear if needed (if applicable).
15. Check for CPU battery expiration date (if applicable).
16. Check all stationary batteries for proper fluid levels and voltage.
17. Ensure system operates in automatic mode by initiating engine start.
18. Ensure generators share load properly and there is no cross current under no load.
19. Check load control, bus optimization and load demand (if applicable).
20. Confirm engines run through cool-down and shut-down accordingly.
21. Prepare computer generated report of inspection for each piece of equipment and submit
to customer.